Navarra Zirkular

Navarra Zirkular is the public-private partnership initiative to promote the adoption of circular economy in companies.

Navarra has been working on circular economy since 2007 with various projects and agendas. Since 2016, the 2030 Agenda for circular economy development in Navarra has been an instrument that is implemented through Challenge 7 of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarra (S3).

After the transition to the S4 in 2021, which adds sustainability as a transversal priority to the Strategy, Challenge 7 focuses its efforts and brings all stakeholders together under the umbrella of Navarra Zirkular with the aim of facilitating the ecological transition in Navarra companies.

What does circular
economy imply?

Circular economy is an economic model for sustainability that seeks the maximum use of resources and minimum waste generation based on maintaining materials, products and their components within a circular process, through which they can be reintroduced into the value chain once their service life is over. Use replaces consumption and this only occurs in effective cycles. 

Overview of Navarre Zirkular:


Ayudas y subvenciones

Grants and subsidies



I + D + I






Finanzas sostenibles

Sustainable finance



Objetivos Navarra Zirkular

The goals for 2025 are:

  1. Gather at least 200 member companies in the initiative
  2. To produce among all the member companies at least individual or collaborative 75 projects in circular economy on the following topics:
    1. Product eco-design innovation
    2. Reduced demand for resources or emissions
    3. Waste reduction and management
    4. Efficiency of processes or services
  3. Analysis and diagnosis of at least 6 value chains
  4. Employment training for 200 students
  5. Training of 100 workers from the public administration and private companies


Gobernanza : Navarra Zirkular


Navarra Zirkular is promoted by the Department of Economic and Business Development, the Department of Rural Development and Environment, the public companies Sodena and GAN-NIK and LASEME.


It is a project approved and boosted by companies, clusters and organizations of the S4 Steering Committee that incorporates the quadruple helix. The S4 Steering Committee will be regularly informed of progress. The companies of this Committee will participate especially in the activities of Navarra Zirkular. 


The everyday management of Navarra Zirkular brings together a multi-departmental and interdisciplinary team of the Government of Navarra and public companies, which will collect the proposals and manage company participation.

Why now?

Navarra has been working on circular economy since 2007 participating in several European projects:

  • 2007-2013

    in European projects ENECO and ENECO2 to promote eco-economy and eco-innovation among SMEs.

    More info

  • 2018

    The project SCREEN - Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions ends.

    More info

  • 2018

    ORHI Project: Promotion of circular economy to the agri-food industry. 

    More info

  • 2019

    LCA4Regions Project. Implementation of environmental policy instruments through the application of Life Cycle Methodologies.

    More info

  • 2020

    RCDiGreen project ends. Circular economy of construction waste.

    More info

  • 2020

    First circular economy companies catalogue in Navarra “Circular Navarre Catalogue". 

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