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Programa de diagnósticos circularidad

Set off on the path
towards a circular economy model

The circularity diagnosis aims to define the start of the intelligent path so that a company can start its path towards a circular economy.

When an organisation wants to start the transformation towards a circular economy.

A path must be marked out with a clear and specific itinerary.  At Navarra Zirkular (NZK) we aim to facilitate this path with a company support programme. The programme includes the following steps.

Pasos diagnóstico Navarra Zirkular
 ObjectiveFormatWho it is forResults
TrainingBasic training in Circular EconomyVisit to the company

NZK members and

NZK non members

Drawing up of a Circular Economy Diagnosis questionnaire (basic-advanced)

Compilation of Indicators
Visit to the company

NZK Members (basic and advanced option) and NZK non members

(basic option)
Route mapCircular economy route map reportEmail after the visit (7 days)

NZK members and

NZK non members
Implementation and follow-upFollow-up of the route map

Call or video call

(3-6 months)
NZK membersReport
Conocimiento y sensibilización economía circular

Circular economy knowledge and awareness

Análisis profesional hacia una economía circular

Professional analysis towards a circular economy

Colaboración y cooperación

Partnership and cooperation

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